Saleh Sharif in London for the Raindance Film Festival!

Well folks, I’m very happy to announce that “Saleh“ will be visiting London as part of the Raindance Film Festival, one of the biggest independent film festivals in Europe.

Part of my filmmaking studies were done in London and I actually took a Production course at one of the Raindance workshops. I hadn’t even made a short film back then, so its just kind of nice to be selected there now.

I know for (almost) certain that the film will be screening on the 27th, I think around 13h00 (I’ll update this). Raindance has access to some of the best cinemas/screens right in the heart of London, so I’m very excited about that as well.

I’ll be making the trip there and really hope to see some friendly faces :) I’ll be back just in time for the Beirut International Film Festival where the short will also be screening. No screening dates announced yet for BIFF.

There you go, big congratulations to the team, sponsors, friends and family!




“The Myth Of Saleh Sharif” selected at the Beirut International Film Festival

Well here’s some good news, the short has been picked up by the Beirut International Film Festival, which is at it’s 13th edition this year. Pretty impressive I think, considering all that’s happening (or not happening) in the country. In any case, I’m very excited and happy that the film got selected and look forward to the festival.

Also, and at the risk of sounding redundant, I want to congratulate and thank all the people who contributed in the making of this film. It’s been a while since we shot it now and its nice to get some recognition here, in our home country.

The festival takes place between the 2nd and the 10th of October 2013 and I hope I’ll get to see some friendly faces there.





Distribution deal reached – French Connection Films take on “The Myth Of Saleh Sharif”

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since the last update, but I come with good news! Paris based production house, French Connection Films, have acquired the rights to distribute “The Myth of Saleh Sharif”. 

A healthy sign for the film who seems to have found some interest from Europe. Big thanks, and congratulations to the team, the sponsors and all the people that helped make this project happen! 

Here’s a direct link to the film: http://www.frenchcx.com/portfolio/the-myth-of-saleh-sharif/

I’ll keep you posted,




In Paris for the Ecu Film Festival, Poster Unveiled.

Finally landed in Paris where I’m attending – along with Julien Vialon – the Ecu Film Festival.

As announced a couple of weeks ago, “The Myth Of Saleh Sharif” has been selected as part of the Arab Special Section, and I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone involved.     In case you’re around, make sure to check-in. More information here.

Last but not least, I’m very excited to (finally) share with everyone the finished film poster. It was illustrated by the extremely talented Jorj Abou Mhaya and rendered by an equally gifted illustrator, Fouad Mezher. Also, special mention to Raphaelle Macaron for introducing me to them :)

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Salutations from Paris,


The Myth of Saleh Sharif Poster


Saleh’s first film festival!

Well, its official. We’ve been selected to our first film festival! The ECU Film Festival takes place in Paris, France, from the 29th to the 31st of March 2013. We’re very excited to have been selected as part of the 6 short films in the “Arab Special Section”, and look forward to meeting everyone there! Julien Vialon – who plays Saleh Sharif – is coming down from London to attend the festival! I’ll be there with a few friends as well, so it should be fun. Will you be in Paris? If so, we look forward to seeing you.

Below is the teaser and some behind the scene footage! Enjoy! (PS: You can even watch them in HD)








Operation Reddit Hug.

So you’re probably wondering what this is, its called a Cinemagraph and its an awesome little trick :)

A VERY big thank you to Yellowbear007, the good people of /r/Cinemagraphs & Reddit.com! Here’s a link to the original post which gave us our 15 mins of fame on the Internet. Its exactly what I wanted and couldn’t have hoped for better results. Hope you like it, its going to be the DVD menu’s backdrop once its released. 


The Myth of Saleh Sharif

Hello again everyone,

So the shoot went relatively well ! Some bad luck here and there but nothing we couldn’t overcome. We still have a scene and pick ups to shoot, which we’re (re)organizing. Mainly its the final scene, a sword-fight scene between Saleh Sharif and his opponent. All this should’ve been shot but got canceled cause of bad weather.

In any case, make sure to check out the website for updates every now and then, as we’re uploading loads of production stills and videos in the very near future.